TrustWide is built upon the principle of providing a simple and easy to access anywhere platform. Providing information when you need through a simple and easy to use interface, TrustWide provides users with a way to manage data and workflows in a secure and scalable platform.

Designed to provide NHS Trusts with a single view of information and capability to integrated with a number of existing systems ensures TrustWide enables you to see more and do more. The platform is available with a range of ‘out of the box’ features whilst also being fully configurable to integrate seamlessly with business processes and systems.

Transparency Through Singularity


The TrustWide platform provides 24/7 web based, secure access for users to access forms and from anywhere at any time.

  • Clean Single View

  • Full Life-cycle Audit

  • Review Data Changes

  • Relationship Linking

  • Rapid App Integration

  • Custom View Builder

  • Third Party Access

  • Bi-directional Dataflow

Sharing is a better way to Communicate

Your business is made up of multiple departments, teams and individuals. In addition you work with several third parties - all of which could benefit from visibility of data in some form.

The ability to access different views of the same data is a must. Maintaining control through permissions and roles ensures everyone is kept informed and up to date.

TrustWide enables you to quickly and easily create different views for different users, whilst ensuring data integrity and control.


Forms are more than Data Capture


Time has passed when forms were used to only capture data. Today the workflows embedded with the latest form technology allows users to make us if the data and manage processes.

Whether its to start an approval workflow, update some key data, or simply trigger an activity / process - the power is now in the hands of the user - not the developer.

With TrustWide you are able to make use of forms to reduce the number of interactions required with additional systems to take control.

  • Simple Drag & Drop

  • Multi-part Forms

  • Conditional Logic

  • Work Flow Triggers

  • PDF & Excel Outputs

  • Calculations & Styles


Service Packages

In order to provide clients with the best user experience, and truly benefit from the results of complex workflows and processes, we provide a number of Service Packages.

The packages vary based on need. whether its the initial setup and migration of existing paper forms and implementing of workflows, through to a set number of days per month available to draw down on when a need arises.

Our experience

This approach provides both the flexibility of rapid deployment, as well as keeping you safe in the knowledge that the platform is being configured and supported by the experts.