Covid-19 Testing Platform

The government announced the start of a new national antibody and community swab testing programme and all CCGs are required to commence testing as soon as their laboratory capacity permits.

As part of our support to develop and manage this process, we have worked with three integrated care providers (Surrey Heartlands, Frimley Health and Care Partnership and Berkshire West) to provide a platform to ensure they comply with the governments directive.

To date working in collaboration with Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Service (BSPS), the platform integrates via HSCN to send and receive patient test requests and results through The National Pathology Exchange (NPEx).

Available Modules

Lateral Flow Testing

Lateral Flow Testing (also known as rapid) identifies outbreaks through quick discovery of results. The platform allows recording of the results and then seamlessly integrates with PCR Testing.

PCR Testing

PCR Swab testing will identify and allow for the mitigation of any potential outbreaks within essential workers and communities. The platform manages the booking of tests and results.

Antibody Testing

Antibody tests are used to detect antibodies to the COVID-19 virus to see if it’s likely that you have had the virus before. The platform manages the booking of tests and results.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccination rollout requires the recording of individuals vaccinations and automatic scheduling of the second dose. The platform manages the booking as well as any followup tests.

Platform Functionality


The Covid-19 Testing Platform provides 24/7 web based access for users to register for either Swabbing or Antibody tests.

  • User Registration & Management

  • Demographic Data Management

  • Test Location Booking Process

  • Test & Vaccine Requests

  • System Work Flow Triggers

  • Patient Test Form Generation



The Covid-19 Testing Platform integrates seamlessly to provide realtime submission and receipt of test orders and results to Labs.

The National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) is a national service for NHS pathology managers to connect all UK labs together through a single exchange hub so that test requests and pathology results are sent digitally from any lab to any lab in a matter of seconds.


The Personal Demographic Service (PDS) holds the demographic details of users of health and care services in England, including name, address and NHS number. It is used to confirm the identity of patients, link care records, support communications with patients and support management of NHS Services.

The Covid-19 Testing Platform integrates with PDS to confirm the details of those registering for a test.


Support Team Packages

In order to provide clients with support for all aspects of the process (not just platform) we have three levels of support available - Full, Standard and Basic.

All levels provide you with a dedicated telephone number (managed by professional call handlers) for your providers and patients to contact and get help.

Our experience

If you already have key personnel in place then we recommend the Standard package as this will provide resources for a comprehensive end to end service.